3 books every Digital Marketer should read (and learn from)

My Life in Advertising, written by Claude Hopkins.
He spent most of his life measuring what works and what doesn’t in advertising.
It’s almost unbelievable that Claude wrote the book in 1923.

DotCom Secrets, written by Russell Brunson
Do you want to increase traffic and convert that traffic into customers? Funnel optimization is one of the most important aspects of selling online.

This book will help you make sure that your conversion rates are as high as possible.

Don’t Make Me Think, written by Steve Krug
If you don’t already own this book, I hope you’ll buy it now!

This book’s takeaway is to ensure you carry out usability tests. Avoid wasting time waiting for your website to be ready, ask all the people around you to test it now.

Watch them run into dead ends, get confused, and tell you all the things they wish Google Analytics could do.

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